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Scandinavian design

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Sustainable elegance from Småland

Scandinavian Design

Reveal Wallpaper: A Symphony of Scandinavian Design and Environmental Stewardship

Discover the artistry of Reveal Wallpaper, a master of Scandinavian design, nestled in the heart of Småland, Sweden. Their wallpaper designs echo the unique aesthetics of the Nordic region, blending simplicity with functionality and a touch of the unexpected.

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Colors for Every Palette!

Dive into the vibrant world of Reveal Wallpaper, where a kaleidoscope of colors awaits your selection. Whether you're drawn to subtle pastels or bold, striking hues, our extensive color palette promises the perfect match for every style and mood.



Choosing an eco-friendly brand like Reveal Wallpaper was important to me. Their commitment to sustainability is as strong as their designs.
The quality of Reveal Wallpaper is unparalleled. Not only is it beautiful, but it's also durable and easy to apply.
Shopping with Reveal was an absolute pleasure. Their wallpapers are beautifully crafted and their customer service is outstanding.


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